Prix Louis Delluc 1979

August 17, 2003

Le roi et l'oiseau will be in the french cinemas again on october 22 ! End of the holidays won't be so dull after all.

July 20, 2003

The index page has moved to php. Update your bookmarks !

July 15, 2003

Today I realised that my site had been referenced on Google. What a thrill ! I've decided to work on it seriously again.

October 20, 2002

It's astonishing what you can discover by making screen captures : for example, at the beginning of the scene in the king's secret apartment, the chimneysweep is not in his painting ! Proof here. Or the cubist paintings on the wall of the corridor in which trap the painter falls.

July 7, 2002

The DVD went out in Japan !! I bought today the only one available in the import department at the Fnac des Ternes, in Paris. More information on the Info page (as expected) and soon lots of new images, and maybe short videos if I'm courageaous enough.

March 12, 2001

Or something like that. First upload.


Why did I do a site on Le Roi et l'Oiseau ?

The first reason is that it hasn't been done yet, and that this movie deserves more than some scattered pages. I tried to assemble, complete and rebuild them to make the web site I would have liked to find when I started my research.
I discovered Le roi et l'oiseau when I was a child, and I always liked it particularly dearly. This leads us to the second reason : I'm dreaming of a glorious DVD for this movie, with commentaries, interviews, scenes from the first try (La bergère et le ramoneur)... What else ? There is so much to tell, things that I don't even imagine and of which I'm trying to give you a foretaste. May the Muses enable me to convince these gentlemen from the production team to set to work without delaying.

March 2001